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Battle Ready Practice Swords

Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, wooden weapons known as wasters were used throughout Europe for training and practice by warriors, men-at-arms, knights and students of fencing. Wasters saved wear and tear on valuable steel swords and help build strength and coordination. Wooden swords were often of double weight for instructing squires, or sometimes even used for tournaments.

Hickory Arms hand crafts custom hickory wooden practice swords for Eastern (bokken) and Western (waster) martial arts. Wooden practice weapons are much less expensive than steel versions and offer an excellent and historically valid alternative for practicing or performing. They are NOT toys. They will hold up to heavy abuse, let you safely train, and exercise to develop your skills. They are ideal for fighting demonstrations where live steel is impractical or undesirable, and also for theatrical stage-combat practice. Use them to develop serious martial arts skills, or just to practice for fun. Improve precision and finesse in your movements while safely training in techniques or conducting choreographed fights.

At Hickory Arms our swords are tough enough to be used in practice combat, as well as aesthetically pleasing and of historical interest to those with a passion for history. When we conduct research to create a particular sword, such as a falcata or a great sword, we also uncover a lot of other information that enriches us and provides insight into the way people once lived centuries ago. In addition to being fully functional, our wooden swords, daggers, shields and crossbows look regal when displayed in your home or office, and bring a special feel to the entire environment.

When you own a Hickory Arms product, you also possess a connection to our collective past.