Ugh! Christmas shopping…  Online shopping…  sizes, boxes, wrapping…

Hickory Arms wants to help you give them the gift they will LOVE –  wrapped in a sword sock, no need to get them anything else.

Watching the Christmas shoppers this weekend was eye opening.  Without realizing, Christmas shoppers  tend to project their likes and desires into purchasing gifts for family, friends, and significant others.   Loved ones would take their significants and little ones by the hand and say, “What mundane gift do you want? “, a sweater, slippers, scarf, or cute fuzzy item.  Then they see Hickory Arms’ swords, and you can’t miss the look of pure joy on their faces as they hold a sword aloft and give their version of a battle cry, instantly transforming them into the hero of the hour!

So, in conclusion, make it easy on yourself, save money and fruitless time searching, become a Christmas Hero, buy a Hickory Arms’ sword. Shop here for our top selling gift swords for the season!!!  (Exciting, epic music playing loudly)