Here is a list of some really great groups and events in New England and near-by.

The new Ligthtsaber Academy in Goffstown, NH – will have another great event in March!!6890_1683730671886699_8512125915075933579_n

Thmixed martial arts celebrationis Mixed Martial Arts Celebration, April 23,  is open to all and definitely looks worth the trip –

On 12744081_1057159247668919_1005184454358881646_na similar note, came across this epic Mixed Martial Arts summit!!  April 8 in Manchester, NH


In case you don’t feel like going out:  Youtube videos: Practice at home! 

Sword Training and Sword Groups and Reenactors –Resource list from Phoenix Swords

 National/New England12227841_10208489092447527_4421235314673606434_n


HEMA Fight partners Map

New England Fencing Clubs

Society for Creative Anachronisms

Sword Forum


Maine Academy of Staged Combat (ME)

The Cateran Society Broadsword Academy ME

Pirates of the Dark Rose (ME) Pirates for Hire!

The Maine Adventure Society Inc. (ME)


New Hampshire Lightsaber Academy, Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 1:00 PM – Goffstown, NH

Knight’s Hall (NH)

The Noble Science in New Hampshire (NH)

Kunst Des Fectens NETWORK (NH)

Brotherhood of Arrow and Sword (NH/Maine) Presentations!