Observations by an objective bystander.


1 Once a sword is in their hands they are instantly… some-… -where…. else… A movie. A game. A battle. Another time. Another place. Another dimension. Far away. Bye-bye.


2 They have to have the biggest sword. Period. Even little, small kids – this need for the biggest sword is quite apparent.


 3 Swords magnetically draw them. They may try to resist, but it is futile.


4 They don’t own just one sword – they are sword hoarders! – Yes, you know who you are!


5 Finally, they want to know the names and histories of every sword since the dawn of time – They don’t even have to be real swords!

Oh crap! I love swords! It’s probably good I work with wood practice swords, I think.  I may need therapy.
Oh, and they love sword quotes.